Reduce order errors related to delivery driver pickups.

RusHour's delivery screen helps your restaurant to offer a quality experience when picking up delivery orders without disturbing customers and wait staff.

No more crowds of delivery people in your restaurant.

RusHour's delivery screen allows your drivers to be notified when their order is ready and avoids friction between your teams and the drivers.

Share the status of the order

Alert delivery drivers when the order is being prepared and then when it is ready.

Avoid crowds in your restaurant

Alert delivery drivers and customers when it's time to pick up the order

Reduce the risk of errors

Make sure you give the right order to the right delivery person to avoid the risk of refunds.

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Simplify order fulfillment

Provide an optimal experience for your customers on site while offering an efficient delivery service.

Tired of the delivery crowd?

Alert delivery drivers when the order is being prepared and then when it is ready to reduce the pressure of delivery drivers.

Too many management errors?

Avoid giving the wrong order to delivery people and prevent the risk of mistakes.

Want to improve your rating?

Offer a quality experience to both customers and delivery people who come to pick up their orders, they will repay you!

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RusHour has processed more than 50 million orders with its online order management solution, an increase of 220% in less than a year.



We are proud to support thousands of restaurants & dark kitchens across Europe with a robust and scalable online order management solution.



RusHour is now present in more than 8 countries in Europe and continues to expand by adapting to each market to provide an optimal experience to its customers.

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