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We unleash the online potential of your restaurant. Connect your platforms now and add new services according to your needs.

Business Manager

For Managers, CFO, Manager: Connect your platforms and analyze your performance, export the data you want.

Chat and text

For a limited time, start for free

Order Manager

For Kitchen Managers, employees, cooks: manage all your orders online from a single tablet and printer.

Email, chat, text, and phone

Start from 59€/month per outlet

Add new features when you need them.

Our solution adapts to your needs throughout our relationship. You are in good hands.

Menu management

Changes to menu items, ingredients, prices and more are easily updated on all your delivery and takeaway platforms.

POS Integration

Integrate RusHour with your POS software, to integrate online orders directly.

Customized detailed reports

Our team of experts takes into account all the adaptations you wish to make for a better understanding of your data.

Experts dedicated to your success

RusHour offers you the possibility to have a dedicated expert who will accompany you to increase the performance of your restaurant on the platforms.

Kitchen Display System

Orders are sent directly to the KDS as soon as they have been submitted online, allowing the kitchen to start preparing the dishes without delay and ensure that deadlines are met.

Delivery Screen

RusHour allows you to display all your orders in delivery to the riders in order to improve order processing without destabilizing your teams.

Response to Automatic Notices

RusHour allows you to automatically respond to your customers' reviews and ratings. Don't leave any unanswered reviews, save time and increase your rating on platforms.

Recovery of VAT 

RusHour allows you to recover your VAT in the best possible way so that you can send accurate information to your accountant.

+ Over 3500 restaurants and dark kitchens trust RusHour.

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National channels

Depending on the number of points of sale in your store, we adapt our solution to allow you to control and manage all aspects of your online orders in an optimal way across all your points of sale.

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