Expand your online sales with virtual brands and marketing.

Work with a RusHour partner to increase your sales with virtual brands. Improve your operations and multiply your return on investment simply.


Optimize your marketing campaigns and increase your sales.

Grow your sales on delivery platforms with an optimal marketing strategy and targeted promotions.

- Automatically launch smart promotions on platforms

- Increase your orders, sales and visibility to increase your brand's visibility on delivery platforms.

- Let RusHour optimize your marketing campaigns to improve your ROI effortlessly

Virtual brands

Boost your sales with virtual brands.

Use your existing resources to deliver more orders with different virtual brands.

- Add dedicated virtual brands for delivery using your existing raw materials.

- Refer your new brands to platforms and start generating new revenue.

- Your orders grow and arrive directly to the RusHour tablet.


How does your restaurant work?

Analyze and export the data reports you are interested in:

- Manage your financial data easily

- Learn what went in or out

- Download our reports in one click.



RusHour has processed more than 50 million orders with its online order management solution, an increase of 220% in less than a year.



We are proud to support thousands of restaurants & dark kitchens across Europe with a robust and scalable online order management solution.



RusHour is now present in more than 8 countries in Europe and continues to expand by adapting to each market to provide an optimal experience to its customers.

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