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All your online orders
in one place

Restaurants use Order Manager to simplify the entire management of their delivery and take-out orders on a single shelf and printer.


New integrations

Add new online ordering platforms very simply without having to manage new shelves.

A tablet

RusHour gives you the ability to manage all aspects of your online orders from a single tablet.

A Printer

RusHour allows you to receive the tickets for your orders on a single printer.

24/7 support

Our team of experts will accompany you throughout our relationship to improve your online performance.

+ Over 3500 restaurants and dark kitchens trust RusHour.

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Self-acceptance of orders

RusHour allows you to enable auto-acceptance of commands whenever you want. 

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Manage your product shortages in one click

Are you out of stock on one or more products? Deactivate the products of your brands in one click on all the platforms of your choice and save precious time.

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Order History

RusHour gives you access to all the history of your orders in detail in order to have a complete readability on the different areas of improvement. Thus, you limit the number of errors to come.

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...and that's not all...

Find some of the functionalities offered by our services


Indicate that you are unavailable at any time if you wish to temporarily interrupt order taking.

Follow-up of the Deliverymen

Follow the order taking by the delivery people and adapt accordingly.

Personalized Alert

Receive personalized alerts so that nothing escapes you in the future (order cancellation, platform availability, printer disconnection, etc.).

Tailor-made adaptation

Adapt the RusHour solution according to your needs.

Preparation Alert

Alert the couriers when your orders are ready and improve your preparation time.

Detailed reports

Get detailed, real-time performance reports on all your online ordering platforms. 

Preparation time

Adjust your preparation time at any time for better internal kitchen organization.

Courier Alert

Select a delivery person of your choice to ensure delivery of an order when you need it.


RusHour allows us to manage all our virtual brands on a single tablet and printer.

Edouard, Mrs Shawn