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Manage your
Menu from one place

Restaurants use Menu Manager to manage and optimize the management of their menu from a single back-office space.

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86 items management

With RusHour, you can indicate an unavailable product on multiple platforms from one place.

Menu creation

RusHour allows you to create and modify your menu at any time according to your needs.

24/7 support

Our team of experts accompanies you in the constant optimization of your menu on the platforms.

+ Over 3500 restaurants and dark kitchens trust RusHour.

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Edit your online menu

RusHour allows you to edit your menu on all your delivery platforms of one or more restaurants in just a few clicks, so that all your changes are taken into account in a few seconds and allow you to constantly optimize your menu according to the data.

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Adjust your menu settings

With RusHour, you can manage one or more cards as you wish. Adding products, Adding categories, Adding modifiers, Changing opening hours... RusHour integrates all the features you need.

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Publish your menu online

Once you have saved the necessary changes, all you have to do is select the platforms and brands you want to update and off you go!

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RusHour allows us to adjust our menu without having to log in to each interface.

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